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Pikmin is the greatest game ever, I think. For those unfamiliar with the game, it's basically a simplified RTS game, with a focus on resource gathering and multi-tasking. That is, the enemies that you encounter are not consistently coming to demolish your home base with constant aggression, instead you take them on at will, taking your time building your army between battles. The basic premise to the game is that you're a spaceman, Olimar, who's crash landed and needs the Pikmin to help him rebuild his spaceship so he can fly home. When Olimar crash lands on the Pikmin planet, 30 pieces of his spaceship are spread across 5 different levels in the Pikmin world. As you play through the game you encounter three different colored Pikmin species: blue, red,…
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WIJL: IOS Memory Management Part 2

IOS Product Development, What I Just Learned
A few months ago, I posted an entry about some lessons learned in IOS Memory Management. In that entry (WIJL: IOS Memory Management), I covered a bunch of little objective-c memory management gotchas that helped us squash a few major memory leak bugs in TumbleOn. In the past few months, we've done some more work on TumbleOn, and we've learned a few more tricks of the trade, including some not-so-obvious problems, and some obvious bits that are worthwhile additions to any memory-leak-hunter's checklist. First, the not so obvious bits: Not So Obvious Memory Problem #1: UIWebView Antics It appears UIWebView is a bit quirky when it comes to memory management. Some theories maintain that the UIWebView will release properly if you load empty content into the UIWebView before deallocation, while…
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