Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 30

The Trouble With Information

The troubling thing with professors not allowing students to cite wikipedia is the underlying truth that the debate hints at: everything you read anywhere has spin, misinformation, and exaggerated half-truth built into it. You can’t trust anything you read, unless you can prove the truth behind it. If your proof is Google PageRank style “Well …

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Aug 15

TortoiseSVN not importing some files? Fix your permissions.

If TortoiseSVN (or SVN in general) seems to be skipping over some files when importing a project, there are a couple of causes to be careful of. First, make sure your permissions are set correctly, I just do the following in a dos box (after installing cygwin, of course..) in my project folder before import: …

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Aug 12

Beware zombies w/ ARC.

If you’re using Automatic Reference Counting in your IOS project, make sure to turn NSZombieEnabled OFF. If you don’t, parent object deallocation will never deallocate child objects. In our case, we had a project that was more than a year old, that we recently migrated to ARC. Our project targets are configured as follows: iPad …

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Aug 07

App store rejection for immediate crash

One of the apps I work on, TumbleOn, had a new version of the app rejected during review because it “crashed immediately”. The troublesome part with the rejection was, we couldn’t reproduce it. Every device we could find and hook up to xcode would run the app beautifully. If you’re experiencing a similar problem, the …

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Aug 01

The worst salesman ever.

Fair warning, this post is filed in the ‘life & philosophy’ file, and it’s going to seem a bit tangental, but stick with me. I have a feeling many a programmer and otherwise intelligent readers will be able to relate. I hate funerals. It’s probably safe to say most people are not fans of funerals, …

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