App store rejection for immediate crash

One of the apps I work on, TumbleOn, had a new version of the app rejected during review because it “crashed immediately”.

The troublesome part with the rejection was, we couldn’t reproduce it. Every device we could find and hook up to xcode would run the app beautifully.

If you’re experiencing a similar problem, the problem doesn’t show up when your app is being installed from the run menu of xcode. The crash only occurs when the archived .ipa file is dropped on to the device via xcode’s organizer.

In our case the fix to this problem was to update from xcode 4.3.x to 4.4. We found some threads on stack overflow saying this may be related to arc migration (something we had done), specifically something about armv6 and armv7 compiler settings in the project.

However, after fixing the problem and doing an svn diff on our project’s files, we found no such change to any project properties by our xcode 4.4 upgrade.

So, in summary, just upgrade to 4.4, that may fix your problem.