Making objective-c blocks synchronous

IOS Product Development, What I Just Learned
Many IOS libraries require you to do things asynchronously. Some of the better libraries provide both asynchronous and synchronous models to work with, but some do not. IOS' ALAssetLibrary is a good example of a library providing only asynchronous processing. The ALAssetLibrary allows you to fetch images, videos, and the like from a user's camera roll, and you're required to work with things in blocks, using a forced asynchronous method. In most cases, you'll want asynchronous processing when working with the ALAssetLibrary, but sometimes that may be overkill. If you want to synchronously reason about a series of assets in the library, you'll want to wrap the async block mess in something synchronous. For example, in my case, I wanted to synchronously check if asset URLS previously stored are still…
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Correctness in the Real World

Interviewing, Life and Philosophy
Music: Glitch Mob - Drink The Sea I failed calculus in college. I'm an applications guy, in that, if I can't see the point, if I can't see the payoff, I have a lot of trouble convincing myself effort is worthwhile. What happened was this: It was my first semester in college, and I took my professor at his word. He said there would be no curve at the end of the semester. The day of the final, I had two finals, one at 8 AM (calculus) and one at 11. Never quite a morning person, and making a 37 grade in calculus thus far, I slept past that one and instead got an A on my CS recursion final. I could see the point in recursion, it was real…
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