Custom OSX log file rotation / archiving

Tips, Unix
This is an updated/edited version of an article I posted years ago on World's Worst Software. Custom Log File Rotation In OSX It's not easy to figure out how to configure OSX's internal periodic tasks. I googled around a bit for info on integrating your own log rotation scheme into OSX's existing scheduled tasks, but I could not find any great documentation on the matter, so here's how I solved the problem. How OSX's log rotation works OSX (10.4+) automatically rotates your log files for you on a weekly basis. It first rotates older logs, then it gzips your current log file up, and then it creates a new log file for your system to continue logging to. The log files are gzipped into a file like logfile.0.gz where "logfile"…
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How to setup Bash on your computer

This is an edited/updated version an article I posted years ago on World's Worst Software. tl;dr version If you're on windows, you'll install cygwin, then make sure cygwin's bin path is added to your $PATH environment variable. If you're on unix, linux, or osx - you've already got bash and most unix programs you'll ever need already installed. OSX users looking for this or that unix program that Apple hasn't included can check out the Homebrew packaging system. How to setup Bash on your computer I have written several useful bash scripts and published them here on the Coder Cowboy website for you to freely download and use. Most computer users do not know what a bash script is and most computers cannot run bash scripts without first installing the…
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Finally on GitHub, you should be too.

Bash, Cool Stuff, Life and Philosophy
I've finally started migrating/publishing code on GitHub. Coder cowboy git code will be here: For starters, I'm migrating old World's Worst Software code there, so I can retire WWS. I highly recommend publishing your own open source code and projects on GitHub or SourceForge, or on a blog or website of your own. You don't need to be a coder to put something great out there (or even on GitHub), sharing your creative efforts with the world is almost always a good idea. Designers can share photoshop templates, writers can store and show their book writing/editing process, source control and sharing your efforts is truly for anyone. When you share your efforts, you are doing the following: you're saving other people time; you're inspiring other people to share their…
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