Music To Code By, 2012

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Here's what I listened to while coding in 2012. This year I'd categorize my listening habits into three moods: getting shit done, relaxing, and background noise. Standard disclaimer: I listen to albums all the way through, front to back, and am often annoying the hell out of my wife with a single track or album on endless repeat, for an entire day. I like moody music, stuff that takes you places, stuff with meaning or at least the feeling of meaning. If that's not your style, and you want pop hits - you can stop here. Getting Shit Done These are the albums that put me in the zone this year, some new releases, some new-to-me stuff. This is the good stuff to go heads down with, especially at volume…
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Interviewing Technical Candidates – My Approach

A good friend of mine is about to interview a web development candidate and asked me about my approach to interviewing, here goes.. A little philosophy / disclaimer: I'm a fairly proficient and efficient software engineer, I'm not a performance hound, and frankly, I suck at math. I'm certainly a bit of a warm and friendly generalist more than a one-better-than-you-because kind of engineer. But I think, when you can afford a team of more than two people, diversity is *critical* to building a team that will deliver. Meaning, you want generalists, and performance hounds as well. When I say diversity, I'm not talking about racial diversity, I'm talking about technical and interest diversity. Your team needs people who are extremely creative, as well as some who aren't. You need…
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