– automatically create/resize @2x and non-@2x images for IOS

IOS Product Development, Unix
I've put together a quick bash script to automatically generate @2x and non-@2x images for IOS. The script looks through a directory, auto creates missing @2x or non-@2x files, and auto resizes the non-@2x files. Instructions: Download from the Coder Cowboy Scripts GitHub Repo Copy the script to a directory Copy your original .png or .jpg files to the directory Open terminal & do something like the following: $ cd ~/Desktop/2x/ $ chmod +x $ ./ . Script output will look something like this: Now processing file: ./normal name.png CREATING ./normal name@2x.png Original width: 15, height: 11 Small width: 7, height: 5 /Users/jason/Desktop/2x/normal name.png libpng warning: zero length keyword libpng warning: Empty language field in iTXt chunk /Users/jason/Desktop/2x/normal name.png Now processing file: ./twox name@2x.png Creating ./twox name.png Original…
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