School of Code: Making A Website

School of Code
My super-smart engineer brother-in-law wants to make a website for his upcoming wedding. He spent the last few years of his career ensuring the core processors of your iPhone worked correctly, and he recently moved to a systems position. Changing from hard-core chip fab excellence to a jack-of-all-trades is no easy feat. He first needed to pick up SQL and databases, and he's picking up C# here and there. Now, it's time for a wedding website 'from scratch', so he can learn a little HTML and CSS. Don't do it. My advice to anyone looking to make their own website: don't do it. The skills and patience required to make a website are kind of like some of those mathematical skills you learned in high school.. If all you want…
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Corporate Metrics

Midnight Ramblings, Quotables
Corporate metrics are a necessary but terrible mouse trap. Rule benders will bend the rules, and creating a mouse trap to catch a rule bender inevitably turns into a rube goldberg machine. This machine eliminates autonomy and freedom of choice. It transforms personal pride, integrity, and accomplishment into a generic store-brand product of mediocre quality. Cultural metrics commodotize the definition of excellence, at the expense of all, to weed out the few.
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Styling the Contextual Action Bar ActionMode Divider or Splitter for Android

My coworker and I spent a good deal of time this morning attempting to change the style / color of the Android ActionBar's Contextual Action Bar divider between the checkmark action button and the rest of the bar. You see this divider or splitter in the image below on the right side of the red boxed area: We had trouble finding the answer because the ActionBar is a complex beast with N embedded widgets or modes and unclear terminology / documentation regarding this particular issue. The Contextual Action Bar's ActionMode view is subtly different from a normal ActionBar and has its own limited subset of differently-named styles. Many searches, blog posts, and stack overflow threads later, we finally found the right terminology for this, the button is not a normal…
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