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Aug 26

Yet Another OSX Yosemite Wifi / Bluetooth Connectivity Fix

Some users have problems with OSX Mavericks/Yosemite wifi connectivity – there’s all sorts of things that can go wrong. This stackexchange thread has a variety of solutions that you should probably try. Did you reset your SMC, NVRAM, and a dozen other fixes as recommended from that thread? Yeah? Still have a problem? Me too. …

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Oct 09

How to setup Bash on your computer

This is an edited/updated version an article I posted years ago on World’s Worst Software. tl;dr version If you’re on windows, you’ll install cygwin, then make sure cygwin’s bin path is added to your $PATH environment variable. If you’re on unix, linux, or osx – you’ve already got bash and most unix programs you’ll ever …

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Oct 08

Finally on GitHub, you should be too.

I’ve finally started migrating/publishing code on GitHub. Coder cowboy git code will be here: For starters, I’m migrating old World’s Worst Software code there, so I can retire WWS. I highly recommend publishing your own open source code and projects on GitHub or SourceForge, or on a blog or website of your own. You …

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Jul 07

How to excel at bash scripting

The trick to being good at bash scripting is to realize that nobody in their right mind would ever want to write bash scripts, but someone has to.

Feb 16

The Beauty of &&

I’m a big fan of bash. The first thing I do on any windows computer is install another browser, and the second thing I do is install cygwin. Cygwin gives me bash on windows, and fortunately on macs, OS X is based on unix, so bash is already there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not …

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