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Jul 19

School of Code: Making A Website

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 2.57.58 AM

My super-smart engineer brother-in-law wants to make a website for his upcoming wedding. He spent the last few years of his career ensuring the core processors of your iPhone worked correctly, and he recently moved to a systems position. Changing from hard-core chip fab excellence to a jack-of-all-trades is no easy feat. He first needed …

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Oct 25

School of Code Part 1: Squirrel (SQL)

My brother-in-law recently moved into a position where he needs to pick up some systems programming basics. I could write him long emails about which references to check out, or I could just write the info here, so you too can benefit. For starters, my brother-in-law needs to learn the basics of SQL for reporting …

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