Letters to my father: Building a Desktop computer in 2015

Letters To My Father, Tech Support Myths
Arguably, in 2015, if you need to ask someone what to get to build a desktop machine, then you don't need to build a desktop machine. Commodity (consumer, everyday, best buy-buyable) machines are fast enough for any home user who's not a computing professional. If your job or video games require a beefy machine, you may build one and get a little bit better performance for a better price, but if that's not you - don't build a desktop, buy one. If I needed a new desktop machine today, I’d just buy a mac mini instead of building one. I’d buy the 2.6ghz model, upgrade to the i7 processor and 16GB of ram, making the machine about $1100 before taxes. I really wish the mac mini line was competitive with…
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Family Tech Support Myths: Don’t login as an Admin user

Tech Support Myths
It's time again for another family tech support mythbusters episode. This time we'll tackle the premise that it's more "secure" to login to your system as a user rather than an administrator. The idea to limit your logged in privileges on a system is a sound one, provided the system that enforces privileges actually works. Often the reason a system is compromised has little to do with a user being logged in as admin or not, it's more basic than that: it's just a simple security hole that skips right on by any sort of privilege enforcement system. When a virus exploits the security of a machine, it really doesnt matter that said "security" has you running in user mode or admin mode. If its compromised, the system's compromised. The…
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