Jason has open sourced a variety of personal code efforts and projects. All of his open source code is over on the Coder Cowboy GitHub Page.

IOS utilities & Examples

bitbucket (like github..) location:

Currently, all of my IOS utilities are bundled up together with our TumbleOn utilities over on the tumbleon-utils project. More details can be found there.

Utilities included in tumbleon-utils:

  • FileUtil – file IO and filename related utilities
  • FrameUtils & UIView+FrameUtils – simplifies CGRect frame operations
  • OperationManager – fixed capacity operation queue with weak or strong target pointers
  • PrimitiveWrappers – simple classes wrapping a mutable primitive value
  • TableViewHelper – simplifies UITableViewDelegate implementation
  • TouchDelegatorView – UIView that delegates all touch events (and long press gestures) to a delegate
  • UIWebView+Clean – simplifies UIWebView cleanup before deallocation
  • WeakWrapper – simple wrapper class with a weak pointer to the inner object

These bits are on the tumbleon-utils bitbucket page, but I had made pages about them with more detail earlier, here:

Bash & Batch Scripts

github location:

  • diablo2-backup – a set of scripts to backup diablo2 character saves on windows, while you run it.
  • – adds a trailing slash “/” to passed in path if it does not already end in “/”
  • – executes given script on each line of a file
  • – file size display script
  • – compare file sizes script
  • – disk free space display script
  • – source code line counting script
  • – copy files or folders specified in a text file
  • – a script to mail a log to yourself using ssmpt
  • – md5 digest creation & validation script
  • – a quick wrapper for rsync with sane options on by default
  • – archive a gzipped timestamped version of logs
  • – print a user friendly version of diff’s output
  • – rename image files w/ a timestamp based on last modified time
  • – personal rsync job script
  • creates and removes dated snapshot directories

Web scripts (php, javascript, etc)

github location:

  • Write Variable To File – helps developers snapshot (or serialize..) the current state of php objects (or primitives..) into php initialization code.
  • WWS Mailer – lets visitors contact you through your website, while hiding your e-mail address.
  • WWS Background Scaler – scales background images to fit the entire browser window without repeating the image.

Other, older, software efforts

Jason had a website called World’s Worst Software from 2005 through 2012 that featured many of the bash scripts mentioned earlier on this page, as well as the following products:

  • iPlaylist Copier – a java utility for windows or osx that copies media files from your favorite iTunes playlist to a folder you choose.
  • iTunes Utilities – a java library containing reusable bits from iPlaylist Copier for other projects that want to work with the iTunes library xml file.

Why bother?

Jason strongly recommends sharing your creative efforts with the world, no matter how small they may be. You never know when something you whipped together in 10 minutes will save someone else hours of time. Sharing your work with others does many things: it saves others time; it inspires others to share their own creations; and it creates a better world.