a million moments

I’ve published a new iPhone/iPad app called a million moments.

Life’s too short to get caught up in the chaos and hustle of what doesn’t-really-matter. When you’re in the middle of everything-at-once, it can be difficult to take a moment to breathe and get back to the place you want to be: the place where you’re focused on and remembering what truly matters in your life.

With help from a million moments, it may be just a little easier for you to escape the chaos for just a moment, and smile. A million moments shows a constantly changing grid of photos from your device’s photo albums, camera roll, or photo stream. The application plays a random tune from your music library each time you load the app or refresh the screen, always creating a random, unpredictable, and once-in-a-lifetime moment for you to reflect on the people and memories you love.

Music from video: Kuno’s dream – to see the stars again

I made a million moments as an anniversary gift for my amazing wife, after a great anniversary trip. On that trip we revisited the same exact location we visited on our first trip together many moons ago. While relaxing in a hammock together we reflected on how fast and yet slow 7 years seemed, and I wanted to bottle up that moment, right there.. the moment where you take a moment to breathe, look back, and realize how truly blessed you are to have a life worth living, to love, and to be loved.

A million moments is my personal attempt at bottling up that amazing experience of appreciation for what has come before, and the beauty of the immediate future to come. With a million moments, you can take a moment, anywhere, anytime, just for a minute or two, and get back to that place you always want to be – the place where you’re living every day to its fullest, and soaking in the millions of beautiful moments you encounter along the way.

I hope you’ll like a million moments, we do. You can download it for free.