TumbleOn Code

We’ve open sourced a variety of IOS Utilities and published them to our tumbleon-utils project over on bitbucket.

All code is licensed with the Apache license, which like BSD or MIT, is a non-viral non-complicated license.

Utilities included in tumbleon-utils:

  • FileUtil – file IO and filename related utilities
  • FrameUtils & UIView+FrameUtils – simplifies CGRect frame operations
  • OperationManager – fixed capacity operation queue with weak or strong target pointers
  • PrimitiveWrappers – simple classes wrapping a mutable primitive value
  • TableViewHelper – simplifies UITableViewDelegate implementation
  • TouchDelegatorView – UIView that delegates all touch events (and long press gestures) to a delegate
  • UIWebView+Clean – simplifies UIWebView cleanup before deallocation
  • WeakWrapper – simple wrapper class with a weak pointer to the inner object

Thus far, we’ve released about half of the code we currently intend to release there, with even more surely coming in the future.

Our product, TumbleOn, is the #1 paid Tumblr client for IOS.

TumbleOn would have required a significantly more work and time investment had there not been great open source libraries out there to help us accomplish our goals. We have an extensive list and links to libraries we use and highly recommend over on our tumbleon-utils page.

We hope your project will benefit from some of the utilities we’ve put together over the past couple of years, as well as the great libraries we link to.