Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 28

Oh, you think meritocracy exists? Tell me more about how you’re always overlooked.

So you want to talk about meritocracy, and how hard work will pay off, and justice will come your way someday? Cool story, bro. My turn, let me start with a little story that’s slightly less crazy than your imaginary meritocracy pipe dream – something ridiculous about growing up religious. I grew up being an …

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Jan 18

A Trillion Dollars & E.T.

Music: Blonde Redhead – 23 (the song) This is one of those fun, or, perhaps, overwhelming number games. It’s going to be like the drake equation, where we’re throwing numbers around, stacking assumption on assumption on assumption, and surely several assumptions will be wrong, and the number of zeros will get quite insane, but in …

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Jan 07

Waking With The Sun

Music: Blink 182 – Pretty Little Girl .. It’s time to switch from our designer’s credit card to the LLC’s, because, we’re lucky enough to have enough income that our LLC credit card can cover that no-longer-free Amazon VM. Adam tries his best to convert non-straight-forward AWS pricing structures into toddler level english, so idiot …

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Jan 04

Life & Career Lessons – 2012

Music: Angels and Airwaves – Diary I’m always a little late on the 2012 lists, stick with me, this’ll be worth it. Executive Summary of 2012: I started 2012 by taking a bit of a risk careerwise, where before I had been the enterprise huge-company guy, I ventured into mid-sized startupish culture, pushing myself out …

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