Loss is a sickness.

Life and Philosophy
We lose stuff all the time, our keys, loose change forever embedded into secret areas of the couch, occasionally, our wallet. Some stuff matters a little, most doesn't matter at all. What we do not lose so often, for better or for worse, are the things that matter. It may seem good fortune to live a pristine life of luck, free from true loss, but in a sense, a life without house fires, theft, or death, is a heavier tragedy than a life with those experiences. A life without loss, is a life unlived - a life of innocence and ignorance, a blissful experience missing the bigger picture of truth: the simultaneously tragedy and beauty of the human experience and mortality. Everyone experiences loss and reacts differently, some people hoard…
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Linus is no fool.

Linus is no fool, he knows the key to marketing success is having people constantly talk about your product. So, the most successful product idea ever is obviously a version control system so complicated that every engineering conversation ever for the forseeable future is dominated by talk about his product, such as "Well, I'd love to share my files with you, but.. well, how do we do that again with git?".
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