Letters to my father: Building a Desktop computer in 2015

Letters To My Father, Tech Support Myths
Arguably, in 2015, if you need to ask someone what to get to build a desktop machine, then you don't need to build a desktop machine. Commodity (consumer, everyday, best buy-buyable) machines are fast enough for any home user who's not a computing professional. If your job or video games require a beefy machine, you may build one and get a little bit better performance for a better price, but if that's not you - don't build a desktop, buy one. If I needed a new desktop machine today, I’d just buy a mac mini instead of building one. I’d buy the 2.6ghz model, upgrade to the i7 processor and 16GB of ram, making the machine about $1100 before taxes. I really wish the mac mini line was competitive with…
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