Link Dump – March 2015

Link Dump, Lists
Time for another collection of random amazing things. Long Reads Ask Slashdot: Terminally Ill - What Wisdom Should I Pass On To My Geek Daughter? - if you read nothing else, read this (the post, and the comments!). The subtle art of not giving a fuck. What 4chan thinks of Hacker News “Sponsored” by my husband: Why it’s a problem that writers never talk about where their money comes from The borderlands gun collectors club. New websites worth following or bookmarking: Polygon - game news. Gamasutra - in depth game articles, developer/designer/creator centric topics. Programming humor: Code Chef, Devops Borat, I Am Devloper, W3C Memes. Jesus Christ, Silicon Valley - amazing. SXSW Douchebags - same as above, but for Austin. People I Want to Punch In The Throat. Write 365…
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