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Good news: I survived. Life’s much better now than the last time we spoke. Thanks for asking.

Also good news: I’m cleaning up the site / blog a bit, trying to bring it up to at least a 2012 fashionable look, and I’ve been working on a fun book.

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a million moments

I’ve published a new iPhone/iPad app called a million moments.

Life’s too short to get caught up in the chaos and hustle of what doesn’t-really-matter. When you’re in the middle of everything-at-once, it can be difficult to take a moment to breathe and get back to the place you want to be: the place where you’re focused on and remembering what truly matters in your life.

With help from a million moments, it may be just a little easier for you to escape the chaos for just a moment, and smile. A million moments shows a constantly changing grid of photos from your device’s photo albums, camera roll, or photo stream. The application plays a random tune from your music library each time you load the app or refresh the screen, always creating a random, unpredictable, and once-in-a-lifetime moment for you to reflect on the people and memories you love.

Music from video: Kuno’s dream – to see the stars again

I made a million moments as an anniversary gift for my amazing wife, after a great anniversary trip. On that trip we revisited the same exact location we visited on our first trip together many moons ago. While relaxing in a hammock together we reflected on how fast and yet slow 7 years seemed, and I wanted to bottle up that moment, right there.. the moment where you take a moment to breathe, look back, and realize how truly blessed you are to have a life worth living, to love, and to be loved.

A million moments is my personal attempt at bottling up that amazing experience of appreciation for what has come before, and the beauty of the immediate future to come. With a million moments, you can take a moment, anywhere, anytime, just for a minute or two, and get back to that place you always want to be – the place where you’re living every day to its fullest, and soaking in the millions of beautiful moments you encounter along the way.

I hope you’ll like a million moments, we do. You can download it for free.

Music Roulette – Free for the month of March

Music Roulette is going on sale for the low low price of FREE for the month of march.

Music Roulette helps you pick random music to play from your IOS device’s iTunes Music Library. It makes the process of choosing something random fun and easy, and choosing to play or shuffle an entire artist or album is just as easy as deciding to play the chosen song. When you open the app, album covers flash by like a fast-paced slot machine, and you choose an artist/album/song by tapping the “Stop” button. If you don’t like the selection that you picked, simply select the “Pick Again” button and give it another go.

When you find something you like, simply select the “Play” button, and then choose from a variety of playing options such as playing the song’s album, or shuffling the artist, or just playing the song itself. Music played with Music Roulette is actually played using the standard IOS Music player, so you can jump out of Music Roulette and the music will keep on playing, as shown in the video below.

The Story Behind Music Roulette

I love music, and I have lots of it on my iPod Touch. When I want to listen to something, I’m not very good at finding something new to listen to. I find myself automatically choosing the same old top ten favorite albums, or something I purchased in the past 6 months more often than not. Listening to the same 5 albums for months at a time gets tiring, and the stock IOS Music app makes shuffling to a song and then playing the album for that song a bit tedious. I wanted something different. I wanted an application that made rediscovering old forgotten favorites both fun and easy, so I made Music Roulette. With Music Roulette it’s fun to watch the covers flip by and choose a song, and it’s just as simple to play a given song, album, or an entire artist with just a few taps. I like it quite a bit, and I hope you will too.

Is this thing on?

Hello everyone.

They say I’ll be rich if I just twitter, facebook, and otherwise spam you with a nonstop stream of directed marketing until something catches on. I’ve never been a fan of all that. I’m a firm believer in contributing something more than advertisement spam to the world, so thats what I aim to do with Coder Cowboy.

Yes, there are a couple of Coder Cowboy products available to purchase on the Apple App Store, and I’ll certainly blog about those from time to time, but this won’t be reading like a marketing pamphlet. I’d rather tell you about the experience, ins and outs, and lessons learned while creating those products than drone on about new feature sets.

This isn’t my first time around the block. In high school and early college I self-published some shareware software projects under the label Fablesoft, and more recently I put together various bits of open source software and scripts on world’s worst software. Oh, I also picked up a computer science degree and I code for a living for big software companies you’ve heard of.

I’m going to use this blog for good. I’ll be sharing some advice & lessons learned for my fellow coder cowboys out there. Topics will range from technical to non-technical, hopefully with something for everyone from time to time.

For starters I’ve put a couple lists of links, books, and movies together:

Those lists are still in progress, but there’s already quite a bit of value.

Before I go, I should mention a few great tech blogs for any fellow coder to pick through and follow. Check out Coding Horror, Joel on Software, and Bash Cures Cancer.