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Idea to iPhone Product, App Promotion

In my last post (Idea to iPhone Product, The Last Mile), I covered the ins and outs of pushing the final build of your application to the app store. That process will take anywhere from 1 to 2 months. That downtime will be a great timeframe to start up your promotional phase, if you haven’t …

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Idea to iPhone Product, The Last Mile

In the last post in this series, Idea to iPhone product, a brief howto, I covered the basic information you’ll need to get from a basic idea to a 1.0 product ready for app store submission. This post covers the “last mile” from the 1.0 build to your app being listed in the app store. …

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Idea to iPhone Product, a Brief How-to

About a year ago, my wife evaluated ten Interval Training applications on her iPod Touch. She and I were bewildered by how difficult it was to find an application that just made sense. All we wanted was something that made it easy to configure a couple of timers and a sound to beep when each …

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