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Jan 23

Wasting Time

When I was young, my friend James and I liked to fish. Other kids would be dropped at the mall for the day, but we’d get our parents to drop us at Joe Pool Lake. We were strange. In those days, I’d save my allowance from week to week, dreaming of new fishing lures and …

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Dec 06

Minecraft – A Software Engineer’s Experience Part 3


You should start at the beginning: Minecraft – A Software Engineer’s Experience Part 1 I started playing Minecraft early this past August. What started as an innocent and fascinating experience in a “real world” simulator eventually took a turn. I spent about a month happy as could be with an extremely limited world view: break …

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Jul 15

Cats and Dogs

My wife is a cat person. I am a dog person. I do not understand why my wife is a cat person. Why be a cat person, right? Cats are neurotic, fiercely independent, super picky, indifferent to your existence, jerkface assholes. Agreed? Good. Dogs on the other hand are sweet, pleasant and so damn simple. …

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Jan 04

The Fall From Grace (Life & Career Lessons, 2013)


2013, for me, sucked. The overly-simplistic way to summarize would be to say that I simply made a bad career move. It’s more than that, though. The person I had become leading into 2013 was not who I want to be – to be clear, I did not say it’s not who I wanted to …

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Oct 13

Creative Bankruptcy


Commiting to a rambling blog entry at 7a without sleep is always a good place to start. Music: Matthew Good – Non Populous TLDR: When it feels topsy-turvy, it’s time for a break. It’s okay to take a break. Thursday, August 22: “Man, this stuff + work drama makes me so want to quit all …

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Sep 11

It doesn’t matter.


I haven’t been taking many photographs recently. When I analyze it, the story goes: I started sorting through years of photos, trimming the fat, collecting the better bits into something worthwhile. Sorting years of photos proved such a daunting task that at one point early on I was able to calculate how long it would …

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Mar 30

Loss is a sickness.

We lose stuff all the time, our keys, loose change forever embedded into secret areas of the couch, occasionally, our wallet. Some stuff matters a little, most doesn’t matter at all. What we do not lose so often, for better or for worse, are the things that matter. It may seem good fortune to live …

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Jan 28

Oh, you think meritocracy exists? Tell me more about how you’re always overlooked.

So you want to talk about meritocracy, and how hard work will pay off, and justice will come your way someday? Cool story, bro. My turn, let me start with a little story that’s slightly less crazy than your imaginary meritocracy pipe dream – something ridiculous about growing up religious. I grew up being an …

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Jan 18

A Trillion Dollars & E.T.

Music: Blonde Redhead – 23 (the song) This is one of those fun, or, perhaps, overwhelming number games. It’s going to be like the drake equation, where we’re throwing numbers around, stacking assumption on assumption on assumption, and surely several assumptions will be wrong, and the number of zeros will get quite insane, but in …

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Jan 07

Waking With The Sun

Music: Blink 182 – Pretty Little Girl .. It’s time to switch from our designer’s credit card to the LLC’s, because, we’re lucky enough to have enough income that our LLC credit card can cover that no-longer-free Amazon VM. Adam tries his best to convert non-straight-forward AWS pricing structures into toddler level english, so idiot …

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