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Jan 23

Wasting Time

When I was young, my friend James and I liked to fish. Other kids would be dropped at the mall for the day, but we’d get our parents to drop us at Joe Pool Lake. We were strange. In those days, I’d save my allowance from week to week, dreaming of new fishing lures and …

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Dec 15


At first, the google engineer cheered, knowing he or she had contributed to the world. It felt good knowing their contribution would save eons of man years of productivity that would have otherwise been wasted. They gladly marked their name down in wikipedia right beside bill gates. Then, the numbers started rolling in. Who knew …

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Jun 13

The Coder Diet

A college friend of mine randomly decided that nutritional guidelines were bullshit. At the time, he was deliriously lost in a pipe dream of being rich before 30. This may or may not have been the same time frame when he bought a house in California and rented it out to too many roommates at …

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Apr 29

Act 2: The Surveillance State as Public Utility

A friend confides in me that they don’t feel as if their job is a ‘career’, because they didn’t need a degree for the career path they’ve been on for nearly 15 years. No degree, not management, not ‘career’. I respond that if a career means endless promotion resulting in management positions, then I never …

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Apr 03

Erosion of Privacy

See, this is why the erosion of privacy and data convergence worry me. Sometime in the future, I will skype video conference my doctor for my yearly physical. It will be convenient, because I won’t have to wait in a waiting room for an hour for my appointment. Bonus: No blood draws or treadmill tests, …

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Dec 06

Minecraft – A Software Engineer’s Experience Part 3


You should start at the beginning: Minecraft – A Software Engineer’s Experience Part 1 I started playing Minecraft early this past August. What started as an innocent and fascinating experience in a “real world” simulator eventually took a turn. I spent about a month happy as could be with an extremely limited world view: break …

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Jul 15

Cats and Dogs

My wife is a cat person. I am a dog person. I do not understand why my wife is a cat person. Why be a cat person, right? Cats are neurotic, fiercely independent, super picky, indifferent to your existence, jerkface assholes. Agreed? Good. Dogs on the other hand are sweet, pleasant and so damn simple. …

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Jan 04

The Fall From Grace (Life & Career Lessons, 2013)


2013, for me, sucked. The overly-simplistic way to summarize would be to say that I simply made a bad career move. It’s more than that, though. The person I had become leading into 2013 was not who I want to be – to be clear, I did not say it’s not who I wanted to …

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Oct 13

Creative Bankruptcy


Commiting to a rambling blog entry at 7a without sleep is always a good place to start. Music: Matthew Good – Non Populous TLDR: When it feels topsy-turvy, it’s time for a break. It’s okay to take a break. Thursday, August 22: “Man, this stuff + work drama makes me so want to quit all …

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Sep 25

When the room spins

20080101 004656

I was young, but not so young as to not remember, perhaps 8. It was early evening, but felt like dawn. I clung for dear life, at the edge of my bed, as the room spinned and spiraled around me. Slowly, methodically, I made my way through ice cubes, mouthing one after another, willing the …

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