The story of Freddie Kreuger, the brave three-legged cat.

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This is the story of Freddie Kreuger, the cat who taught me what patience and love are, and what it means to be brave. Freddie Kreuger and her 3 siblings were born in a neighbor's backyard in May of 2010. The four kittens were born to a feral mother, who we mistakenly named "Mr. Bond" before we realized she was a she. Mr Bond was named as such, because she was very sneaky and clearly feral and scared. She would only come to our back porch to eat in the dead of night, and only when other animals were not around. One evening Mr Bond failed her mission, and a neighbor's cat, named Cinderella, fell in love with her and gave her babies. Cinderella, a sweet male cat, was jokingly…
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