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Scala explained.

Corporate Metrics

Corporate metrics are a necessary but terrible mouse trap. Rule benders will bend the rules, and creating a mouse trap to catch a rule bender inevitably turns into a rube goldberg machine. This machine eliminates autonomy and freedom of choice. It transforms personal pride, integrity, and accomplishment into a generic store-brand product of mediocre quality. …

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Linus is no fool.

Linus is no fool, he knows the key to marketing success is having people constantly talk about your product. So, the most successful product idea ever is obviously a version control system so complicated that every engineering conversation ever for the forseeable future is dominated by talk about his product, such as “Well, I’d love …

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Hyphenated Names and Job Security

The hyphenated name fad is a conspiracy to keep software engineering jobs secure. What will we do 20 years from now (and every 20 after) when two hyphenated named people marry? We’ll have a y2k-scale crisis of last name field lengths in forms and databases, that’s what. When Mike Smith-Jones-Anderson-Smith-Snow marries Jane Doe-Jones-Anderson-Jackson-Williams, and little …

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Life is like a movie..

Life is like a movie, except there’s a lot of boring filler between the scenes worth remembering. In other words, life is like a Peter Jackson movie.