Other Bookmarks

Generally Amazing Stuff

  • Google – the search engine you used to land here.
  • Wikipedia – an online crowd sourced encyclopedia, see also the hitchikers guide to the galaxy.
  • WebMd – a great resource for medical information
  • consumerist
  • bank rate

Online Applications

  • Google Reader – keep up to date with your favorite blogs and news sites with this great RSS reader.
  • Google Docs – view, edit, and share your documents and spreadsheets online
  • Google Calendar – online calendar sharing for you and your family to use, works like outlook calendars at work, syncs with your iphone/ipad
  • Google Maps – look around
  • DropBox – automatically backup and share your files between your computers and your friends.
  • Yahoo Pipes – make an RSS feed from other RSS feeds and filter, join, them. Here’s an example I made..
  • Gmail – free email & online chat
  • austin map
  • running map
  • identifight
  • spot crime

Social Stuff

  • Tumblr – blog / photo sharing website
  • Flickr – share your photos online
  • Facebook – social networking site to keep up with your friends and family.
  • Last.fm – share what you’re listening to with friends
  • live journal

Entertainment Stuff

  • Yelp – find and read reviews of local restaurants, hotels, plumbers, etc.
  • UrbanSpoon – like yelp, just restaurants
  • Groupon – daily discounts to restaurants, spas, etc in your area
  • IMDB – the internet movie database
  • Metacritic – see averaged review scores for games, movies, music
  • Rotten Tomatoes – see movie reviews by users
  • Which Flicks – find a movie to watch with your friends
  • Netflix – pay a low monthly price to rent movies via mail and watch them online
  • Rhapsody – like netflix, but for music
  • Pandora Radio – listen to and discover music you’ll like
  • Dog Goes – great way to find dog parks

Job Stuff

  • LinkedIn – like facebook, but for finding that next job
  • GlassDoor – figure out where to work for your next job
  • Monster – post your resume online & find jobs
  • Dice – find your next tech job


  • Amazon – the best place to buy almost anything new or used
  • NewEgg – tech / electronics
  • Monoprice – buy wires and adapters without the 1000% retail markup.
  • Ebay – online auctions
  • Half – buy used books, movies, music, and games
  • CraigsList – online classifieds
  • FreeCycle – don’t throw it away when someone else may want it
  • PayPal – pay online merchants without giving them your financial information such as credit card numbers
  • Zappos – shoes, and only shoes, my wife will tell you this is the greatest site on the internet
  • Apple Store – the apple store.
  • Zillow – find your next house
  • Think Geek – toys and gadgets for the nerd you love
  • Maker Shed – more great gift ideas for nerds.
  • digital photography review
  • woot
  • the something store

Funny Stuff


Inspiring Stuff

Good Causes

Music Stuff

Video Games

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