Is this thing on?

Hello everyone.

They say I’ll be rich if I just twitter, facebook, and otherwise spam you with a nonstop stream of directed marketing until something catches on. I’ve never been a fan of all that. I’m a firm believer in contributing something more than advertisement spam to the world, so thats what I aim to do with Coder Cowboy.

Yes, there are a couple of Coder Cowboy products available to purchase on the Apple App Store, and I’ll certainly blog about those from time to time, but this won’t be reading like a marketing pamphlet. I’d rather tell you about the experience, ins and outs, and lessons learned while creating those products than drone on about new feature sets.

This isn’t my first time around the block. In high school and early college I self-published some shareware software projects under the label Fablesoft, and more recently I put together various bits of open source software and scripts on world’s worst software. Oh, I also picked up a computer science degree and I code for a living for big software companies you’ve heard of.

I’m going to use this blog for good. I’ll be sharing some advice & lessons learned for my fellow coder cowboys out there. Topics will range from technical to non-technical, hopefully with something for everyone from time to time.

For starters I’ve put a couple lists of links, books, and movies together:

Those lists are still in progress, but there’s already quite a bit of value.

Before I go, I should mention a few great tech blogs for any fellow coder to pick through and follow. Check out Coding Horror, Joel on Software, and Bash Cures Cancer.