WIJL: IOS Memory Management

IOS Product Development, What I Just Learned
My buddy Adam and I just emerged from a 3 evening/late-night binge of what I can only describe as hell. We were trying to fix memory problems with TumbleOn. We learned a bit on the way, and the most painful part of it all was that learning each bullet point below took more than average amounts of searching and reading and re-reading Apple docs. #1 - Double check that you use "self." in assignments When you seem to be having dealloc release problems, particularly with a bizarre error of [CALayer release] sent to deallocated instance, your problem may be that you set a property without using self., as in, you did this: myprop = [[[thing alloc] init] autorelease] When you should have done this: //note the "self." here.. self.myprop =…
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Apps I Liked, 2011

Again in the "better late than never" category, here's a list of apps I enjoyed in 2011. Apps I Used The Most Google Docs - I link to this on my home screen from a safari bookmark. Feedler - a great google reader client for both iPhone and iPad. Rhapsody - a music subcription service, the killer feature here is the ability to download tracks for offline play. Wikipanion - the best iPhone/iPad wikipedia app. iLoader - this makes bulk uploading photos to facebook albums easy. Facebook - of course. Camera+ - a great well-rounded photo application for cleaning up or dirtying up your photos on the device. IM+ - a great IM client for multiple services such as Google Talk and AIM. Amazon - of course. Music Roulette -…
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Music To Code By, 2011

Lists, Music
A bit late with the 'best of' 2011 lists.. but better late than never. This is a list of some great music that I listened to in 2011. There are different modes of coding, sometimes you need absolute silence, and at other times a loud coffee shop is the way to go. I personally code quite a bit while listening to music and/or watching netflix. I find there are different coding 'moods' from time to time, and differing moods require differing types of music. Standard Nerd Stuff It's probably best to start with something that has at least a little nerd cred to it, and work our way down the awesome scale from there. Just before 2011, the movie Tron Legacy was released by Disney. Daft Punk did the soundtrack…
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