Music Roulette – Free for the month of March

Coder Cowboy, Music Roulette
Music Roulette is going on sale for the low low price of FREE for the month of march. Music Roulette helps you pick random music to play from your IOS device's iTunes Music Library. It makes the process of choosing something random fun and easy, and choosing to play or shuffle an entire artist or album is just as easy as deciding to play the chosen song. When you open the app, album covers flash by like a fast-paced slot machine, and you choose an artist/album/song by tapping the "Stop" button. If you don't like the selection that you picked, simply select the "Pick Again" button and give it another go. When you find something you like, simply select the "Play" button, and then choose from a variety of playing…
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Cool Stuff: Remote Desktop (VNC, RDP, etc)

Cool Stuff
See that? That's my desktop this afternoon. If you look closely you'll notice that a few of my desktop applications look a little odd. This is my mac mini's OSX desktop, with Windows in the left application window, and another OSX in the right window. The trick here is that those two windows are my two other computers. This is what's called "Remote Desktop", and it's awesome. Remote Desktop is essentially a program for your computer that shares your screen and lets you control the computer from another computer. A few other terms for "Remote Desktop" that you may have heard of are VNC, or RDP. Setting Remote Desktop up on your computer is easy, you'll need to do two things: allow remote control on the computer you want to…
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The Beauty of &&

Bash, Unix
I'm a big fan of bash. The first thing I do on any windows computer is install another browser, and the second thing I do is install cygwin. Cygwin gives me bash on windows, and fortunately on macs, OS X is based on unix, so bash is already there. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a true unix-head by any means. I don't live on the command line, I just know how to get things done with it. I don't prefer emacs or vi over a gui editor, and I couldn't tell you the history of bash, or whether bash is better than another shell option (aside from DOS, as any shell is better than that). And, honestly, there are quite a few linux commands that I'm not sure whether…
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