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Feb 12 – automatically create/resize @2x and non-@2x images for IOS

I’ve put together a quick bash script to automatically generate @2x and non-@2x images for IOS. The script looks through a directory, auto creates missing @2x or non-@2x files, and auto resizes the non-@2x files. Instructions: Download from the Coder Cowboy Scripts GitHub Repo Copy the script to a directory Copy your original .png …

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Nov 19

TumbleOn Code

We’ve open sourced a variety of IOS Utilities and published them to our tumbleon-utils project over on bitbucket. All code is licensed with the Apache license, which like BSD or MIT, is a non-viral non-complicated license. Utilities included in tumbleon-utils: FileUtil – file IO and filename related utilities FrameUtils & UIView+FrameUtils – simplifies CGRect frame …

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Nov 05

IOS Autorotation Hell: Bad or wrong view position offsets after rotation

Edit: This is solved, answer at the end of this post. The Problem It looks like autorotation hell is back again. I’m trying to move some views around during a device rotation with strange results. I have created a simple hello world single view application. In this application I have two views: the view controller’s …

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Oct 27

IOS reminds me of IE

Developing for IOS is exactly like developing for IE. First, you knock the easy stuff out that *just works* simply without massive confusion. In browser land that means do your work in chrome or firefox first, whereas in IOS you basically do everything except auto-rotation first. Then, for the last step, you spend as much …

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Oct 17

Users aren’t stupid, your UI is.

tl;dr; version: Get your head out of your ass, stop adding complex features that 90% of the world won’t care for. Instead, learn to stop, breathe, and make your software products simple by focusing on usability consistently. Users aren’t stupid, your UI is. In a big bad world of federated software product development, Usability is …

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Sep 27

Making objective-c blocks synchronous

Many IOS libraries require you to do things asynchronously. Some of the better libraries provide both asynchronous and synchronous models to work with, but some do not. IOS’ ALAssetLibrary is a good example of a library providing only asynchronous processing. The ALAssetLibrary allows you to fetch images, videos, and the like from a user’s camera …

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Aug 07

App store rejection for immediate crash

One of the apps I work on, TumbleOn, had a new version of the app rejected during review because it “crashed immediately”. The troublesome part with the rejection was, we couldn’t reproduce it. Every device we could find and hook up to xcode would run the app beautifully. If you’re experiencing a similar problem, the …

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Apr 27

FrameUtils – Objective-C Frame Utilities

Objective-C software developers often find themselves manipulating IOS or OSX UIView frames in various ways. Frames are resized, moved, centered, and endlessly debug printed. My buddy, Adam, and I became really annoyed at writing code like this over and over and over and .. //move the frame left by 5 pixels view.frame = CGRectMake(view.frame.origin.x – …

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Mar 19

WIJL: IOS Memory Management Part 2

A few months ago, I posted an entry about some lessons learned in IOS Memory Management. In that entry (WIJL: IOS Memory Management), I covered a bunch of little objective-c memory management gotchas that helped us squash a few major memory leak bugs in TumbleOn. In the past few months, we’ve done some more work …

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Jan 20

WIJL: IOS Memory Management

My buddy Adam and I just emerged from a 3 evening/late-night binge of what I can only describe as hell. We were trying to fix memory problems with TumbleOn. We learned a bit on the way, and the most painful part of it all was that learning each bullet point below took more than average …

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