May 2012 archive

Family Tech Support Myths: Don’t login as an Admin user

It’s time again for another family tech support mythbusters episode. This time we’ll tackle the premise that it’s more “secure” to login to your system as a user rather than an administrator. The idea to limit your logged in privileges on a system is a sound one, provided the system that enforces privileges actually works. …

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Fixing EMMA’s coverage.out.file System Property

If you’re using EMMA for java code coverage report generation, you may quickly jump to EMMA’s property reference table in the documentation. There you will see documentation such as this: Property: coverage.out.file Default: This would lead an average java developer to quickly attempt using EMMA with a JVM arg such as: -Dcoverage.out.file=/my/path/ Unfortunately, you’ll …

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Tough Luck: The comics industry is crazy.

Remember way back when, in high school, when your friend introduced you to that great album that you instantly fell in love with? Remember going down to the record store or perhaps online and buying a copy of that album you liked so much? How did that go? What happened if the record store didn’t …

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