Oh, Google just turned my iPod touch into a free wifi phone

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Today I noticed that Google turned my iPod touch into a free wifi phone. That's nice of them. To turn your iOS device into a free wifi phone. Simply create a Google Voice #, and install the Google Voice and Google Hangouts apps on your device. You'll be able to send and receive text messages with the Google Voice app, and read your Google Voice voicemail there too. The Hangouts app will let you make and receive calls to/from real phone #s, and instant-message with your friends. I've used Google Voice for several years. It's great, because it gives you a free phone number that redirects to other numbers. I give people my Google Voice #, and when they call, it automatically rings several personal lines. Further, if I ever…
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Cool Stuff: Music & Audio (Part 1)

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I recently discovered that I'm the son of an audiophile - suddenly I understand why I was encouraged to buy a decent amplifier/receiver at a very young age, suddenly I appreciate those old dads-college-days/hand-me-down kickass KLH speakers just a little bit more than I always have. I am definitely not an audiophile myself, but music is a huge part of my happiness in life. I'm also a geek, so over the years I've learned a clever thing or two about the hobby of collecting and listening to music, and I'd like to share a bit of what I've learned. Required Reading Before we get into the hardware geekery, I think it's prudent to point you toward a few classic articles and books about the music industry. First up is Steve…
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Creative Bankruptcy

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Commiting to a rambling blog entry at 7a without sleep is always a good place to start. Music: Matthew Good - Non Populous TLDR: When it feels topsy-turvy, it's time for a break. It's okay to take a break. Thursday, August 22: "Man, this stuff + work drama makes me so want to quit all of this crap. ever feel that way?" .. "Yes." I spent a large part of the year working on a half-dozen personal projects in my spare time, enjoying myself quite a bit - until I didn't. I could have been stretching myself too thin, it could have been that my latest career move was a bad one, it could have been that the projects I'd kicked out earlier in the year didn't bring results, it…
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