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Dec 14

Interviewing Technical Candidates – My Approach

A good friend of mine is about to interview a web development candidate and asked me about my approach to interviewing, here goes.. A little philosophy / disclaimer: I’m a fairly proficient and efficient software engineer, I’m not a performance hound, and frankly, I suck at math. I’m certainly a bit of a warm and …

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Nov 03

Finding a Job

Finding your next great adventure is a numbers game in many ways. You are the perfect match for some position out there, it’s just a question of finding that place, or perhaps, that place finding you. In my book, there’s an ordered list of ways to find a job: Create your own job. Places you …

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Oct 30

Great Interview Questions

Interviewing is not a one-sided conversation. If you land a job by only worrying about successfully impressing interviewers, you will almost certainly be surprised, and you may be unhappy once you start the job. It is critical that you understand that an interview is not about making the company happy and fitting their mold, it …

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Sep 26

Correctness in the Real World

Music: Glitch Mob – Drink The Sea I failed calculus in college. I’m an applications guy, in that, if I can’t see the point, if I can’t see the payoff, I have a lot of trouble convincing myself effort is worthwhile. What happened was this: It was my first semester in college, and I took …

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