Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 30

The Objective Sea

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 5.11.28 PM

Developers love to make lists. We’re not always great at organizing our lists or sharing them with the world, but boy do we love making lists. It seems like I learn about a great new library, or trick, or tool from a peer developer, or hacker news every few days. Earlier this year I started …

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Jun 21

Fix Crittercism’s lack of logging

Crittercism does not log exceptions to the console, which sucks while you’re developing. To fix this, you can proxy their exception handler with your own, something like this: @implementation AppDelegate   void myExceptionHandler (NSException * exception){     NSLog(@"Caught top-level exception: %@: %@\nStack:\n%@",, exception.reason, [NSThread callStackSymbols]);     crittercismHandler(exception); } …

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Jun 10

Life in the information age (a response to PRISM)

I apologize up front for my rambling style. I promise these first few jaunts/missives connect up at the end. A few years ago, I saw a profoundly disheartening and disturbing movie, Taken. The movie portrays a james-bond-alike saving a young abducted person from being sold to a highest bidder. In the end, the girl was …

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