Personal Success

I saw a pretty great movie today that inspired me.

The past year or so has been an interesting one in my personal and professional life. In that year it feels like I’ve really honed in on what I really want in career and what personal success truly is. Personal success is not a dollar figure, or freedom from putting in your dues. Personal success, for me, is making something bigger than myself, that makes the world just a little bit better than it would be without me.

I wouldn’t say coming to that conclusion for myself has been easy. The journey from the past couple of years to here, today, has not been a story of well-calculated steps as much as a story of trying, failing, iterating, learning, and doing it all again. All the while with incredible amounts of love, support, and patience from my wife, family, and friends along the way.

I’m not exactly sure what the coming year or years brings, but I do know that I want to be something other than just another developer who gave a greedy lottery ticket a shot. I want to spend a little more time giving back to the world, as my own weird little way of saying thanks for the incredibly fortunate lottery ticket that my life has become.

For starters, I’m setting Music Roulette free, forever.